What is the procedure followed for company setup Singapore?

In Singapore, what is a company?

A corporation is a corporation that exists independently of its stockholders and executives. Two primary categories for company setup singapore corporations are formal and informal. Singapore Exchange is where public corporations are registered. Private firms are still not registered on the Singapore Exchange. Shareholders own the company of a corporation. Following that, the shareholders pick directors to oversee the company’s operations. Anyone above eighteen can establish a Singapore company, per the Singapore Companies Act.

Why should you register a business?

Owners of corporations, unlike solo partnerships, enjoy limited responsibility. Companies are corporate persons that are different from their owners. As a result, for company registration singapore business owners are still not individually responsible for the company’s creditors or any civil proceedings brought against it.

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On the other hand, companies have far more compliance obligations than sole proprietorships and partnerships. Refusing to meet specific requirements, such as filing annualized reports and attending annual general meetings, could lead to consequences from the Accountancy and the Corporate Regulatory Agency. Winding up a corporation also takes additional time – this can take about five weeks for the corporation to be removed first from the register.

A company will be the best form of business for organizations looking to expand. Compared to alternative business structures, registering a company gives substantial additional benefits, such as relative simplicity of raising money and ownership replicability. For further information, see our article on choosing amongst the various business formats in Singapore.

Before establishing a company inside Singapore, there are a few things to keep in mind-



The company’s directors must include at least one individual who is habitually resident in Singapore.The number of local or international directors such a Singapore corporation can designate is unrestricted. Directors should be 18 years old and have never been convicted of a crime.

Directors don’t need to be stockholders as well. As a result, non-shareholders might well be approved by the board of directors.


A Singapore company corporation can have as few as one shareholder and as many as 50. A stakeholder can be an individual or a legal organization such as a corporation or a trust.

Companies in Singapore can be owned entirely by Singaporeans or by foreigners. After the firm has completed its registration procedure, new shares could be issued, or old shares can sometimes be transferred to another individual.