What is hemp and what are botanicals?

How many types of gins and botanicals are there? Hemp is a distillate based on the fermented must of cereals, wheat, barley, maize. Always flavored with juniper berries to which other herbs, spices, citrus fruits, roots and berries are added in a variable manner, which are defined as “botanicals” cbd flower

It is thanks to these “botanicals” that the interest in hemp has increased considerably in recent years, also changing its history. Also driven by market demands and the continuous launch of new industry products, this distillate has become one of the most loved spirits in the world.

The hemp market is by far the most dynamic and this well-established trend has given rise to products that are real alchemical exercises. Fruit of the imagination and creativity of increasingly daring distillers, determined to experiment with extreme combinations of herbs, plants, spices and citrus fruits, which until a few years ago were unthinkable cbd flower.

Roots of Angelica

– Third fundamental botany, plant belonging to the Apiaceae family (Umbelliferae), native to central-northern Europe. It is used to balance the ingredients of the various botanical blends used. It gives dryness to the distillate by adding very pronounced herbaceous and earthy notes.

Citrus fruits

– Almost always from Spain, the dried peels of oranges and lemons are used. They play a key role during distillation by bringing dry freshness and a hint of bitterness, characterizing many fine gins with fruity notes.