How to Be Successful in Drug Tests for weed

Passing a drug test is not easy, but still, one can tackle this problem. However, this is illegal in many states. In addition, one must avoid adulterating the urine sample to pass drug tests for weed because this will not serve the purpose.

Pass urine drug test without any suspicion

Earlier chemicals containing nitrates were used to degrade the urine sample, but nowadays, these tricks are detectable, and the result will show failed drug screen. One can try diluting the sample because this reduces the concentration of the drug in the sample. Diluting the sample should be done using warm water, and using ordinary water will not serve the purpose again as they make a note of the temperature. Often, people believe that drinking too much water will give a negative result, but it is not so. Drinking water might cause death due to water intoxication. If not this,drinking too much water will make the urine colourless and arouse suspicion.

Another method to pass the test is to substitute your sample with some other man’s sample, or one can go for synthetic urine. This method is the best successful method as both are at the same temperature and pass the test without suspicion. One must make sure their synthetic urine contains uric acid. After using synthetic urine,the chances of getting caught are quite less because it seems more or less like human urine only. Another cheap and easier method is to drink too much liquid. It is advised not to drink water but other fluids, which may dilute urine much. Make sure not to hydrate yourself much else it is likely to cause harm.

Intake of vitamins B-2 or B-12 is suggested if one notices his urine to be too watery. So now it becomes quite easy to pass a drug test.