Delta-8 thc: Nature, different forms and their use

Delta 8 thc, is an abbreviated form of delta – 8  tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a chemical substance among more than 100 that is available in the Cannabis Sativa plant a natural herb. Marijuana and hemp are the two categories under that. It is a psychoactive compound that is usually available in marijuana. The chemical structure of delta-8 and delta-9 are the same. Then how can we distinguish these two? Based on the effects produced by the compounds those are clearly distinguished. Drowsiness, anxiety, fuzzy feeling, and euphoria are some of the common effects caused by these two. But Delta-8 produces a mild effect than delta- 9. Delta-9 is available in marijuana in high concentrations but delta-8 is one among in 100 chemical compounds. That’s why delta 8 thc is mentioned as diet weed.

delta-8 thc

The product delta-8 thc can get in all convenience stores, vape shops, and online. It will be available in different forms such as beverages, oils, and some other edible forms.  There may be a chance to get confused with other products due to the unavailability of quality check of delta-8 thc product and its compositions.

Safety is another concern when one consumes it. Proper research evidence is not available on the product delta-8 thc towards the benefits and risks on health side delta-8 thc. But some of the benefits listed on the internet are based on word of mouth. Some of them are, improvising mental health, in cancer treatment to stop vomiting and calm nausea.  Sometimes it is being prescribed medicines to assist with depression.