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The Importance of a Well-Socialized Puppy

Perhaps the most important part of any puppy´s entry into their New World is proper socialization to it. Within the first few weeks, these innocent little creatures are conditioned to decide if they are going to be happy, playful 'guys and gals' or if they are going to be mean, nasty and ornery as adults.

That is why we place such great importance on how our puppies are cared for prior to leaving for their new homes and families. We feel that it is us, who determine the likelihood of you receiving a well-socialized companion or one that is unsuitable for a family environment.

What is it then, that we do to ensure that you are going to be receiving a 'happy', 'healthy' &'well adjusted' Dogue De Bordeaux puppy? Here are some of our basic steps in assuring you of a 'Home Raised &Family Loved' puppy. Keep in mind that this in not an all-inclusive list, it merely scratches the surface of what we do to 'socialize' your puppy.

1. We never take puppies away from their mothers for extended periods of time. Unless of course mom needs emergency veterinarian care. Her constant nurturing is imperative to their health and development.

2. We do not place puppies in sterile incubators upon birth, only to pull them out every couple of hours for feedings. Instead, we keep a vigilant watch on their safety during the first crucial weeks and rely on the constant and instinctive care and of their mother.

3. We begin performing supplemental bottle feedings from day two so that all puppies are accustomed to the scent, feel and warmth of loving human hands. This practice also aids the mother in her 'whelping' process by providing relief from the feeding of larger litters.

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4. All pups and mother reside in our home within a specially designed whelping area. This enables them to become accustomed to the normal sights and sounds of a household at a very early age. In addition, it enables us to shower them with daily doses of TLC.

5. We hold, cuddle and coddle each puppy daily: e.g. while watching the morning or evening news, while reading, while enjoying conversations with each other or allowing our house guests to handle each puppy (note: all guests are instructed on proper handling techniques beforehand and politely asked to wash their hands).

6. We arrange designated 'puppy play areas' that feature toys as well as a TV tuned to animal shows, so that each puppy has the opportunity to enjoy quality playtime for itself or with its siblings.

7. At approximately four to six weeks of age, puppies are taken on short visits to a nursing home to expose them to further degrees of external socialization with 'friendly' strangers.

8. Each and every puppy is introduced to routine household sounds (i.e., vacuum cleaner, washer, dryer, dishwasher, running water, etc.) as well as placed on a variety of different surfaces.

9. All puppies are exposed to routine grooming practices prior to placement (e.g. bathing, brushing, nail trimming, etc.). This ensures that they are accustomed to such handling when you take delivery.

10. All puppies enjoy supervised playtime on our rolling, private, country acreage. This affords you a physically fit and strong puppy.

11. Each puppy is introduced to our pet birds as well as our rescue cat, so that they have an opportunity to become adjusted to other animals.

12. And finally, we do NOT 'whelp' any of our puppies in a 'pole barn', 'kennel building' or some remote structure away from the house. Our moms and puppies are always kept within the safe confines of our home until they are delivered to you.

These are just a few ways in which we socialize our 'babies'. We want them to grow to be well-adjusted 'kids' when they leave the nest for their new homes and families.