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Rebate Program

The Rewards of Owning a Von Krenz Bordeaux®

Here at Von Krenz Bordeaux® - A BenchMark Breeder™, we recognize that a great deal of time and energy goes into the training, showing and working of your 'new companion'. Therefore we are proud to say that we have instituted an incentive program that we believe will be fun and inspirational, as well as financially rewarding for our highly valued clients. Because so many breeders of these rare majestic beauties are in it for purely financial gain, we have decided that each Von Krenz Bordeaux® puppy/adult owner will be rewarded for their efforts toward further development of our lines &the breed.

In summary, after each dogue receives a working title or confirmation title, we will reward the owners, monetarily, for their time and efforts in ensuring the preservation of this working breed.

Following is a list of revised potential 'Rebate Awards' that you can receive over the course of owning your Von Krenz Bordeaux®. We offer this incentive program because we want our valued clients to know that we are dedicated to building a strong reputation for quality dogues within the DDB community and that we promote good sportsmanship through competition in the show ring as well as the obedience/working rings.

As you review the following revised rebates, please bear in mind that these are current estimates to serve as guidelines and thus are subject to change without notice.

Canine Good Citizen Award
(sponsored by AKC)
ATTS Temperament Test$50.00
Therapy Dog International Certification$50.00
Herding Certificate (various sponsors)$50.00
Companion Dog Certificate (AKC/UKC)$250.00
Utility Dog Certificate (AKC/UKC)$250.00
Tracking Dog Certificate (AKC/UKC)$250.00
Companion Dog Excellent (AKC/UKC)
add another
Utility Dog Excellent (AKC/UKC)
add another
Tracking Dog Excellent (AKC/UKC)
add another
Agility Certificate (various sponsors)
varies with level
Schutzhund I$250.00
Schutzhund II$500.00
Schutzhund III$1,000.00
Best of Show/Breed Natl. Show
(w/50 or more entries in show)
Best of Opposite Natl. Show
(w/50 or more entries in show)
Best Open Dog/Bitch Natl. Show
(w/15 or more in class)
Best of Show/Breed Regional
(w/35 or more entries in show)
Best of Opposite Regional
(w/35 or more entries in show)
Best Open Dog/Bitch Regional
(w/ 10 or more entries in class)
Best of Breed (ARBA, CKC, etc.)
(w/15 or more entries in show)
Best of Opposite Breed (ARBA, CKC, etc.)
(w/15 or more entries in show)
Best Open Dog/Bitch (ARBA, CKC, etc.)
(w/5 or more entries in class)

NOTE: ALL REBATES WILL BE PAID OUT ONLY UPON RECEIPT OF CERTIFIED DOCUMENTATION THAT SAID DOGUE HAS RECEIVED SAID TITLE. This documentation must be in form of printed catalog, judges´ signature on ribbon and/or verification from show superintendent.