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Puppies For Sale

We only produce a select number of litters each year. Remember, we only breed to keep a puppy for our program & our litters are planned out years in advance to assure us the preservation of our world-class lineage.

All pups are professionally evaluated & temperament tested by a former Military K-9 Dog Handler/Trainer & Kennel Master! Pups selection to family needs is always paramount!

And all pups come pre-spoiled, please view our "Socialization" page for more details on how we socialize our pups.

Deposits: As stipulated in our contract and elsewhere on our web site, all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Sending a deposit or retainer constitutes initiating a contract/sale with Von Krenz Bordeaux®. Therefore, if you have any doubts about the future acquisition of a DDB puppy from us we advise that you hold off until such time that all questions have been answered.

Litter: Romeo X Nala Bear

Here's our current litter, April 2014, check back for more updated photos soon! We're still working on completing our pedigree data base, so in the interim, if you want to see photos of some of their lineage, look for; Hugo, Bobo, Bijou, Bijou III, Nina, these are all related to this litter.


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Romeo Dogue De Bordeaux Litter

Nala Bear Dogue De Bordeaux Litter
Nala Bear


Never feed a large breed puppy "puppy food" or "large breed puppy food" - all of our pups are weaned onto an "all stages diet that is 100% free of Corn/Wheat/Soy.

Never allow a DDB puppy to do any form of stairs before 16 weeks of age, too many steps at an early age can dramatically increase the incidences of CHD/DJD in the bones/joints.

Never allow your puppy out unattended whereby they may get into a poisonous plant, frog, snake, etc. Puppy are just like children, they are inquisitive/curious & full of mischief/

Never all your human children to drag your new puppy behind any wheeled (skate boards, bikes, scooter, motor bikes, go-carts, etc.), allowing this can cause permanent damage to bones & joints.

Never keep us in the dark with what´s going on with your puppy, we have years & years of experience with this breed & we will insure you get the best counsel & advice.

Never jog or run with your puppy.

Never allow your puppy to jump out of the automobile, truck or any other type of vehicle.


Traditionally, we do not sell adult (over 3 years of age) dogs. Why you may ask? Because, quite frankly, by the time a pup matures into an adult dog and it meets our strict breeding criteria we have invested several thousand dollars into them by health screening it, training it, vetting it and loving it.

Unlike traditional dog kennels or 'show mill kennels', our pups are placed at a very early age with their life long families. Thereby insuring that even if that particular animal doesn´t meet our strict breeding standards and is not used in our breeding program we would not feel ethically or morally right about splitting up that happy partnership.

On a rare occasion we will have an older pup or young adult dog and when we do offer such animal, it will always be of the quality that would be an asset for the DDB community. Prices for young adults start @ $3500 & prices for mature adults range from $7500.00 to $12,000.00. All adults are fully vetted and guaranteed to have viable reproductive abilities.

We also suggest and recommend that if you´re buying an adult dogue, whether from us or someone else, that you have that animal(s) fully vetted independently from the sellers DVM. That way, you are assured that you are getting a sound/healthy animal.