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Setting the Highest Standard

Von Krenz Bordeaux® - A BenchMark Breeder™ is committed to setting the highest standards with regard to health testing, breeding for sound health and promoting responsible breeding through OFA certification. While many breeders have switched to PennHip, Von Krenz Bordeaux® will continue to utilize the benchmarking organization; Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, as we feel OFA is still the number one sought after stamp of approval for any canine breeding program.

It should be understood by the 'lay person', that many DDB breeders have switched over to PennHip because PennHip does not issue 'pass/fail' scores. Since they only issue a numerical score it is easier for them to manipulate the numbers in their favor. Under no circumstances, will we breed from an OFA moderate with or without DJD. There are enough dogues available, with better hip scores to utilize if need be, that we will not forsake the standards that we have set.

Even if the DDB were to be a National Specialty Winner, we would not consider breeding to that dogue if it did not meet our basic criteria.

Since 100% of our dogues have been thoroughly health screen, tested, OFA (hips, elbows, patellas, heart &thyroid) certified or have an FCI hip rating of A, B or C, we feel that breeding from an OFA 'moderate' would only set our program back. And with that in mind, we would never breed an OFA 'mild' hip scored dogue to another one of the same rating. We would breed to at least an OFA 'good' or an FCI A or B rated dogue.

Health in the canine community is a complex &often misunderstood phenomenon. With today´s DDB breeder, the common statement is; "All dogues suffer from hip dysplasia &this is normal". Well, if you, as the potential consumer fall for this line, you will only end up hurting yourself &do more harm to our breed by supporting those individuals with that distorted mentality!

Please note, that even in breeding two dogues together that have passed ALL health screens, you still stand the chance of producing dogues with less than favorable hips, elbows, patellas, etc. No one can guarantee that two OFA certified dogues will produce 100% of puppies that will eventually grow up &pass all health screens. Mother nature always has some input in any persons breeding program.

Yes, CHD &DJD are common in this breed. However, if we demand a higher standard for ourselves &our peers, eventually, we will lessen the incidences of hip dysplasia.

Another unfortunate reality that contributes to poor hip/bone/join development are environmental factors. It is crucial that you maintain an excellent relationship with your breeder and learn from your breeder some of the things that should be avoided while your puppy is growing. Proper diet, nutrition, exercise, bedding and life styles are imperative in contributing to the development of your pups bones & joints.

Von Krenz Bordeaux® will continue to educate the general public on why we are such strong advocates of health testing.

On behalf of our canine family, we would like to thank you for visiting this page! This will perhaps, be one of the most important pages that you can visit prior to securing your puppy. You owe it to yourself to be informed!