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Diet & Exercise

Revised: Januaray 2011

A Dogue is Only as Healthy as its Surroundings

A major factor in what sets our breeding program apart from many others is our philosophy on the subject of nutrition, supplements, type of diet, exercise, health & quality of life. Physical conditioning, exercise, mental health & nutrition are paramount to an animal’s life expectancy as well as the quality of life that they lead.

We believe in using only the finest dry foods developed by companies with a long history of successes & on site research and development areas. We use only dry dog food products that are free of wheat, soy & corn byproduct. Babies in our program are currently fed brand names such as; Precise, Blue Buffalo, Nature´s Variety, Natural Balance and Nutro Ultra. The common denominator in all of these brands is that they are all considered high end foods, are free of all the fillers and most importantly, free of wheat, corn & soy by product, which have been proven to contribute to poor digestive issues, skin & allergy issues as well.

In addition to a staple diet of dry kibble, we give them regular roughage to aid with digestion and select servings of human foods that are lean and low in fat to add variety and supplemental nutrients, especially for nursing mothers. We utilize probiotics, fish oils and NuVet Labs supplements to insure our babies are given ample coverage in their diets.

Our select human foods include, but are not limited to: eggs from our organic free ranging chickens (prepared a variety of different ways), brown rice, lean beef, raw chicken parts/necks, beef bones (ground & whole), carrots as treats and homemade broth to be mixed in their dry food.

Along with a well-balanced diet, we also recognize the need for essential vitamins, nutrients and supplements through daily doses of only the best ingredients. To this end we provide the following:

Given all of the above ingestion of food and vitamins, let us not forget about the importance of 'activity' and exercise as part of a dogue´s daily regime. In order to ensure proportionate growth, stability and general endurance, it is imperative that all of the dogues receive daily doses of exercise and play, ­ these 'kids' love to play!

Our home is located on acres of rolling terrain & hills in the natural, quiet, country setting of Afton, MN. We are just West of the beautiful St. Croix River that divides MN & WI and just East of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Adjacent to us, is several hundred acres of protected woodlands, agricultural farmlands as well as two of Minnesota´s most beautiful state & county parks. As you might guess, we utilize these resources as natural playgrounds to fully exercise the 'kids' several times each day. They absolutely thrive here in the great outdoors.

Given our flexible work schedules we are afforded the unique opportunity to play the role of 'stay-at-home' parents, whereby we get to spend a great deal more time with our Dogue De Bordeauxs.

Below is a list of additional things we do to ensure that our 'babies' are getting optimal exercise while minimizing stress to their bones or joints:

These are just a few of the things that we believe serve to set us apart from the 'backyard breeder', 'commercial breeder', 'show mill', 'puppy mill' or 'want to be breeder'. If you would like to discuss any of these practices or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.