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Frequently Asked Questions

*** Please note, we are continuing to update this page, help us make it the most comprehensive FAQs page on the world-wide web by sending us your questions.

Here are some of the questions that we are currently working on for the FAQs page. Stay tuned, as we will have answers for all these questions & then some in due time.

It is our goal, to provide you with as much information as possible so that when it comes time for you to decide on your future breeder, you’ll have all the necessary information to assist you with making the best choice.

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What is A BenchMark Breeder™?

How many years have you been breeding Dogue De Bordeaux?

We are coming up on our 15th year of breeding Dogue De Bordeauxs! Of the 12 puppies born to our first litter almost 15 years ago, all 12 of them made it to the age of 8, 6 of the 12 made it to the age of 12 and 2 made it to the age of 13! Sadly, all of these pups have since passed on, they will forever be remembered as stewards for our beloved breed!

Do you have a waiting list for your puppies?

We always have individuals on a waiting list for a particular puppy from a specific breeding, however, you should contact us for the current status of available puppies as that is always changing. From time to time an International client will not be able to take delivery of their pup(s) because of extreme heat at their end, complications with import/export paper work, etc. So there are times when we are notified at the very last moment that a puppy becomes available.

How can we get on the Von Krenz Bordeaux® wait list?

We require a potential client to send us a $300 non-refundable deposit to get on our waiting list. That deposit will be applied towards the purchase of a Von Krenz Bordeaux® bred pup.

How do you screen your potential puppy clients?

All potential clients are spoken with regularly on the phone, we also utilize a puppy questionnaire that can be found on our “Puppies” page.

What factors do you consider before producing a litter of puppies?

There are many factors that we look at prior to making a determination on putting two animals together for breeding purposes. Every litter is planned with the sole intent to keep back a female for our future as well as preserving the very lines that we had spent years acquiring. Health, temperament, confirmation and pedigree are all considered along with individual animal shortcomings.

Do your dogues live indoors or out?

Our 'kids' reside within a loving family environment. We are not a 'show mill kennel' that warehouses our babies away in some out building structure. All of our 'kids' reside with loving families who consider our four-legged children their four-legged children.

What makes your program different from others?

This question can best be answered with a phone call to us. In short all of our 'kids' reside within loving family environments. We are not a 'show mill kennel' that warehouses our babies away during our off time or sleeping times. Make that phone call, 651.436.4984, ask for Mark & get the full scoop on what really sets us a part from the rest of the pack!

Do you ship puppies?

Our standard policy is to "Nanny Deliver" all of our pups. Over the years we have develop long lasting, trusting relationships with airline employees. We have made unique arrangements with these individuals to hand carry (Nanny Deliver) our babies to their new families. We are able to do this as we typically release our puppies to their new homes between 7 & 10 weeks of age. At this age they are generally speaking, small enough to be able to fit in a soft sided leather carry on pet carrier.

Do you guarantee your ‘show prospect’ puppies to complete their championships?

We are so confident in our selection process that we will put it in writing, that if you follow our guidance and advice, that your Von Krenz Bordeaux® - A BenchMark Breeder™ will be able to earn its confirmation to Champion.

Do you guarantee your ‘working prospect’ puppies to complete obedience titles?

We are so confident in our selection process that we will put it in writing, that if you follow our guidance and advice, that your Von Krenz Bordeaux® - A BenchMark Breeder™ will be able to earn any number of Working Dog Titles.

Do you guarantee your puppies against genetic defects?

No breeder can make this promise. While many claim that they can, we simply cannot. Dogs are living/breathing mammals & just like humans who are born with hidden genetic flaws, dogs too, from time to time, are born with genetic defects. What we have done over the years, is made many sacrifices in our program, by eliminating incrediably beautiful dogues who lacked superior health. We have been able either eliminate some faults or cut back significantly. We are so confident in what we produce that we extend an optional 5-year replacement warranty of all of our pups.

Do you sell puppies to pet shops, other breeders for resale (puppy brokers) or known puppy mills?

No! Never have & never will!

With what groups/organizations do you show your dogues with?

We have shown with many DDB clubs & Registries over the years, from the DDBS to AKC to UKC to IABCA and others. We have pretty much retired from the show ring at this time as many outside special projects have eaten away at what little free time we do have on the weekends which is when most dog shows take place.

Why does Von Krenz Bordeaux® place so much emphasis on health screening?

What do you health screen your dogues for?

How does health screening improve your program?

Do you promote and/or support DDBX rescue?

Do you belong to any of the breed clubs and/or do you subscribe to the strict “Code of Ethics” that many parent clubs require of their membership?

What is the weight ranges of your breeding stock?