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Meet Our Dogues

Meet The Von Krenz Bordeaux® Family!

We've grouped the Von Krenz Bordeaux® family of Dogue de Bordeauxs into five categories.

dogue-de-bordeaux-male-patton-999368-tn.jpgHouse: These are our full time indoor family companions! We frequently refer to them as our 'kids' or our 'four-legged children'! They are not kennel dogues, they have full access to the warmth of our fireplaces in the winter time, air conditioning on hot summer days, cover and protection from inclement weather and specially made treats when it's dinner time! These guy's and gals thrive in a family environment! They are our beloved 'kids' and we spoil them rotten!

Picture Not AvailibleProgram: Our unique 'Hosting Program' affords local families to love, pamper, spoil, raise and care for one of our pick male or pick female pups that we keep as part of our world-class breeding program. Unlike most breeders, we do not utilize an indoor/outdoor kennel facility, instead, we offer our very best potential show pups and selected adult companions to local families. There is no initial up front cost of purchasing the animal, however, as with adopting/owning any canine companion, all other non fertility related expenses & upkeep of said animal are the responsibility of the program/hosting family. Our program dogues often serve as ambassadors for our breed. This program is only available to local families that live within a 35 mile radius of our primary Veterinary Clinic which is located in Inver Grove Heights, MN. These companions are full time house companions just like ours! If you or your family are professionally employed, a permanent resident of the Twin Cities and are lacking the companionship of an outstanding family canine companion, then please contact us for more information regarding our 'Hosting Program'.

Picture Not AvailibleCo-Owned: Von Krenz Bordeaux® is frequently contacted by other breeders, here and abroad, who are seeking out dogues that will compliment their breeding programs. On occasion, we will sell a pick of the litter male or a top quality female (we typically do not sell our pick of the litter females - when we do, they are sold as co-owned or start @ $7500 to purchase outright) or will allow one of our established clients the opportunity to receive a pick female. When this occurs, these animals are always sold/placed with a co-ownership agreement (unless purchased outright). As a courtesy to our loyal clients, we offer space on our web site at no charge to them to promote their beloved Von Krenz Bordeaux® companions. If you would like to get on the waiting list for a puppy from one of our 'Co-Owners/Co-Breeders', please contact us direct and we'll coordinate everything.

dogue-de-bordeaux-female-bijou-285806-tn.jpgIn Memoriam: These guys and gals have passed onto the Rainbow Bridge and are dearly missed by all of us who have had the honor of knowing and loving. There are no words that ease the pain or sorrow that we feel when we have lost a loving family companion.

Each Von Krenz Bordeaux® dogue page will feature the following as a minimum.

Profile: A brief biography of each particular companion, with some highlights and links to more detailed information such as show awards, health screen results (where applicable), OFA results, DNA profile and any obedience type titles earned.

Photos: A pictorial history of each companion including family photos, seasonal holiday photos, show wins, featured photos from advertisements and photos that we feel will best present each companion to you so that you can better make your decision when deciding on which animal you wish your pup to be an offspring of.

Pedigree: A three-generation pedigree with photos of both sire and dam. In addition, we are working on a format to provide a more comprehensive pictorial history of the grandparents and great grandparents whenever we have that information. If you are a breeder who has photos of dogues within our pedigree, we would be grateful if you would be kind enough to share those with us, likewise, we are always happy to provide all who inquire photos of all of our four-legged children!

Stud Contract: If applicable, Von Krenz Bordeaux® will provide an Adobe® PDF document for all parties who choose one of our males for stud service. Our stud fees range from $1500 - $3500, we can provide clients with fresh-chilled and/or frozen semen. Multiple straw discounts available, contact us direct for specific details.