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DDB Politics

DDB Politics – FALL 2013


There appears to be a growing trend these days for many in the dog breeding businesses to call themselves "Show Kennels". The trend unfortunate in that these "Show Kennels" are constructing large warehouses/barns to house their dogs in & label these facilities "Show Kennels". Some of these facilities are pretty impressive in terms of what they spend on these structures, so the obvious question is, how do they pay for these facilities? Yes, you guessed right, they jack the price of their puppies up sky high & they produce as many as the market place will bare each year(s) to recover their costs. Then they try to convince you that they are doing something for the "betterment of the breed".

If you were to examine their claims a little closer, you will find that they have not done anything to contribute to the betterment of the breed or the hobby. They shout out about breeding for sound health, all one has to do is research the OFA data base & you won´t find a single representative of their progeny in the data base.

We personally are opposed to this type of dog breeding philosophy or housing management. Our "kids" thrive in living with families.

When you, the puppy buyer, support these operators, you are as guilty as they are with hurting our beloved breed.


Why won´t the Dogue De Bordeaux Society of America, Inc. set actual breeding standards for the DDB? That is a very good question ... FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE BREED ... the AKC recognized parent club for the DDB in North America has yet to set a breeding standard for our breed, which is drastically needed to increase the life expectancy of our wonderful breed.

The DDBSA seems to be more concerned about settling civil matters between it´s members rather than focusing on the real problem. Finding a sound solution & Breeding Code of Ethics for it´s membership, which would, serve FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE BREED.

More on this opinion piece to follow soon.