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Training Classes

Dogue De Bordeaux Training Classes

Given the ultimate size, weight and strength of the Dogue De Bordeaux (AKA: French Mastiff) breed, a DDB companion can never have too much puppy training!!! While we take great strides to breed for even temperament, this does not guarantee that your pup "comes standard" with a gentle & loving personality. Just as our own physical and mental development must be nurtured by socialization, schooling and life experience, so too must these same characteristics be developed in your dogue - and the earlier you start, the better off your canine companion will be.

Training need not be a chore. It can be fun for the entire family as it can take many forms from weekly instruction-based classes to in-home practice sessions to weekend socialization at community events and dog shows. In fact, every time your DDB interacts with humans or other pets this presents a valuable training opportunity.