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Feathered Friends

"Feathered Friends"

Mark has been a bird brain as far back as anyone can remember! On our property Mark has collected several varieties of award winning Fancy Show Pigeons along with prize winning Racing Homers, Birmingham Rollers, Parlor Tumblers, Parlor Rollers, English Tipplers and several other varieties of performing birds. Mark's competitive nature is well satisfied with his world-class collection of birds.

On these pages you will be given an opportunity to take a virtual tour of some of Mark's lofts, coops & see some of his birds.

You will see, like with our beloved Dogue De Bordeauxs, no corners are cut when it comes to caring for Mark's beloved feathered friends!. Only the highest quality organic grains are fed to Mark's prize winning birds, their coops & lofts are spacious, the birds have ample room to fly & stretch their wings and of course, all lofts are maintained & tastefully done in order to blend in with the rest of the decor on our property.

We hope you enjoy some of the photos we share here, more photos to come, enjoy your virtual visit!